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Game Analytics

Learn the basics of game analytics, KPIs and how to use this information to influence your game design with Javier Barnes.

Growing Hypercasual

Grow a hypercasual game and learn how to start earning revenue and keeping it growing over time.

Psychology In Game Design

Learn how psychology has been used in game design and how you can use it to improve your game with Arran Topalian.

The Dimensions of Story

Dive into the dimensions of story with Isaac Phoenix and learn how to captivate your audience.

New Lessons
Mobile Publishing 101

Should you self-publish or work with a publisher? Mel Montaño of UserWise walks you through what your best choice will be.

New Lessons
The Fundamentals of Liveops | UserWise Academy

Learn the basic fundamentals of liveops from Antanina Livingston of Activision.

Coming soon
Game Growth Hacks

Michael Moran will take you through some practical hands-on tips and tricks you can steal to help ignite growth in your game.

Coming soon
The Art of Monetization

Jamar Graham from Unit is bringing you some of the best-known secrets to the art of monetization.

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We’re assembling the Avengers. But for gaming.

Learn from some of the brightest minds in the field who have “been there, done that.”

Karan Khairajani

Karan Khairajani

Teaches Growing Hypercasual


Jamar Graham

Teaches Monetization


Arran Topalian

Teaches Psychology in Game Design


Javier Barnés

Teaches Game Analytics 101

Coming soon

Naman Jain

Teaches A/B Testing

Coming soon

Kate Portunova

Teaches Monetization

Coming soon

Justin Beck

Teaches How to Run a Game Studio

Coming soon

Tom Hammond

Teaches Game Psychology

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