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Brought to you by UserWise.


Where all game creators belong.

This is a community of game creators who are passionate about learning and improving their skills. We're trying to keep it super private, which's invite only.

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It's about time.

Hey everyone 👋. I'm Mike Moran, the guy who helps people know about our new platform UserWise. You may not have heard, but UserWise is the newest tool to help extend the life of your game. But that's not why you're here. Nor should you be.

We wanted to start a community where game creators could start truly learning and honestly chat about what it's like to create and maintain a successful game. 

This is a place to say anything that comes to mind.  If you have a question you've been too scared to ask elsewhere? This is the place. Have a question Google won't answer for you? This is the place. Need to take your knowledge to the next level? This is the place.

It's not LinkedIn, so have at it. Don't hold back. It's an open and honest community focused on helping everyone get better at making games. From game analytics to player psychology, we're on a mission to help you be the best at what you do. 


Here's what you'll get out of it

Content you need to see.

We're sharing all the knowledge we find online in this community. Tired of scraping Youtube looking for the next big idea? Our community is actively posting new videos, blog articles, tools and more.

Connect with game creators.

Yeah the content might be good here, but the best part is the people. Hear thoughts and ideas that you probably aren't hearing on LinkedIn and Twitter. Meet people, start discussions and just riff.

Ask anything.

Don't hold back. This is the place to ask the questions you've always been wondering. Not sure how to start tracking analytics? No shame, just ask. We have some of the brightest minds joining the community who would love to answer your questions.

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So what are you waiting for?

It's free to join. Did we mention that?
Sorry... I should have said something.

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