Hello everyone! I'm Mike 👋, and I'm super excited to welcome you to the all-new UserWise Academy. 
UserWise Academy is a community for mobile game and liveops teams to learn, share and grow together. We want this to be the place where you can level up your skills with video courses, deep-dive articles, advice from experts in the field, and so much more.
The most important part of this community is YOU. We want your participation and help to grow the community and help it thrive. 
We’re so glad to have you here. 
Please check out the Community Guidelines for the best ways to use this space. 
This community exists to help you grow personally and professionally. 
Playground Rules:

  • Don’t be shy. Jump in.
  • Ask questions. Give answers.
  • Be kind. Don’t spam.
  • Share this with others in your community.
  • Come back often.
Here’s a tour to help you get started:

  • Introduce yourself to the members here
  • Have a question? Post it here
  • Show off what you're working on and ask for feedback here
  • Give feedback for our Beta here
  • Any general discussions for the community that you find helpful go here